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Located in Wisconsin’s Sauk and Columbia counties, the Baraboo Range covers 144,000 acres and supports one of the largest upland hardwood forests in the Midwest.  One of the most unique features of the Baraboo Range is Baxter’s Hollow, which contains the headwaters of the pristine Upper Otter Creek watershed and is home to dozens of bird species.  We are a family-owned business located below Baxter’s Hollow Preserve; thus the creation of Baxter’s Hollow Blends.  Our high-quality, individual seeds or seed blends will give outdoor enthusiasts hours of bird, deer, and other wildlife viewing enjoyment.


We have been dairy farmers all our lives and have always had a love of land, nature, and family.  We have also experienced first-hand what it’s like to have a childhood illness in our home.  Our youngest daughter was diagnosed with cancer when she was ten years old.  She, and the rest of the family, successfully endured the treatment and recovery process.  We’ve never forgotten the faces and stories from those hospital stays.  To benefit families dealing with childhood illnesses, Baxter’s Hollow Blends will donate a portion of the proceeds from our products to children’s hospitals.


We are proud to offer Baxter’s Hollow Blends to supply a quality wildlife product and to help families with special needs.


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A Family Business In The Hear Of The Hollow